Borneo, Sarawak

Sarawak was ruled by three British “White Rajas” between 1841 and 1946, all members of the Brooke family.

The Sarawak Chamber within the Mulu Caves is the largest underground cavern in the world, and could enclose more than 40 Boeing 747 aircraft without their wings overlapping.

The Iban tribe celebrate the rice harvest festival of Gawai Dayak every June with dancing, rituals and tuak rice wine.

Local Iban tribespeople have a historical reputation for “head hunting” – collecting as a trophy the heads of their enemies.

During the original Royal Geographical Society expedition to explore Gunung Mulu and the Mulu Caves, over 100 scientists and explorers were in the field for 15 months.

Sir James Brooke, the first “White Raja” was given Sarawak as a reward for helping to flight piracy.

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Flying at 13,000m - Gunung Mulu National Park


Flying at 1,000m - The “white rajas” of Sarawak


Flying at ground level - The Iban people

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