The Andes

The Andes is the longest land-based mountain range in the world, stretching the entire length of South America for more than 7,000km across seven countries.

Nevado Ojos de Salado on the Argentina-Chile border is one of the highest peaks in the Andes and the highest volcano in the world at 6,893m.

The Paso Internacional Los Libertadores tunnel connects Argentina’s National Route 7, with Chile’s Route 60 at more than 3,000m altitude.
Some 1,500 vehicles cross the Andes each day via this route during the summer months, traversing hairpin bends of up to 180 degrees.

The Andes form a natural border between Chile and Argentina; however, it wasn’t until 1902 that the official boundary between the two nations was decided.

A seven-metre-high bronze statue of Christ the Redeemer stands on the border high in the Andes as a marker of peace between Chile and Argentina.
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