The Pampas, Argentina

The Pampas is the largest loess plain in the southern hemisphere, covering 760,000km² - an area half the size of Mongolia.

The Pampas is almost entirely flat, rising in a very gradual slope from the Atlantic coast to the foothills of the Andes by 25 centimetres for every kilometre.

The Pampas is Argentina’s most successful agricultural region, producing huge quantities of cereal crops, vegetables and beef each year.

As global prices for soya and wheat continue to rise, more and more of the Pampas is being devoted to industrial farming of these profitable crops.

Gauchos are the Latin American equivalent to American cowboys, known for herding the cattle that once grazed across the Pampas grasslands.

Gauchos are held in high regard in Argentina, as the romanticised embodiment of Argentinian ideals of freedom, independence, and living off the land.

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