Zuma Rock, a symbol of unity, is featured on the back of the one hundred naira bill.

Abuja is a planned city, developed throughout the 1970s and 1980s to create a new capital for the independent Nigeria.

The Greater Karu Urban Area is one of the fastest growing conurbations in the world, growing at an annual rate of up to 40% it is currently home to 4.2 million people.

Abuja became the official capital of the Federal State of Nigeria on 12th December 1991.

Aso Rock is home to the Presidential Complex, Nigerian National Assembly and the Supreme Court.

“Aso” means “victory” or “success” in the dialect of the Asokoro tribe, who originally inhabited the area around Abuja.

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Abuja at 13,000m - The Greater Karu Urban Area


Abuja at 1,000m - Aso Rock and Zuma Rock


Abuja at ground level - A city of unity

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