Lagos, Nigera

Lagos is home to Nollywood and a thriving creative industry at the heart of the Nigerian music scene.

Nigeria is the twelfth largest producer of oil in the world, yet the country has regular power cuts on an almost daily basis.

Lagos is named after the Portuguese name for ‘lagoon’: the Portuguese were the first colonial power to take control of the port in the 17th century.

Nearly half a million people live in Makoko: a slum neighbourhood next to Lagos Lagoon, with many houses built on stilts.

Lagos was the capital of Nigeria until 1991, when Abuja was made the capital in the centre of the country.

Many estimates position Lagos as the fastest growing city in Africa, with a predicted population of over 12 million in 2015.

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Flying at 10,000m - Lagos and the Atlantic Coast


Flying at 2,000m - Lagos and its islands


Lagos at ground level - A modern african mega-city.

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