Caves and rock paintings
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    Huge networks of caves and caverns hold some of the oldest and least explored physical, natural and human environments on the planet.

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    Myths and legends have been used for centuries to help different cultures make sense of how the world around them came to be.


Caves and rock paintings

The Sarawak Chamber within the Mulu Caves is the largest underground cavern in the world, and could enclose more than 40 Boeing 747 aircraft without their wings overlapping.

The El Palenque caves were used by Fidel Castro, Ché Guevera and his rebels during the Cuban Revolution to hide from the authorities, and store food and supplies.

The majority of the world’s cave systems are formed in limestone: it easily eroded by water and so huge underground caverns can be formed.

As Kofi Anan describes; "Africa's rock art is the common heritage of all Africans and all people. It is the common heritage of humanity”.

During the original Royal Geographical Society expedition to explore Gunung Mulu and the Mulu Caves, over 100 scientists and explorers were in the field for 15 months.

The Nabataean people lived in Wadi Rum 2,000 years ago and are thought to have created the area’s elaborate rock art.

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Caves and rock paintings

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Sarawak, Borneo at 13,000m - Gunung Mulu National Park


Cuba at 12,000m - Cuba’s karst and caves


Wadi Rum, Jordan at 1,000m - Cultures of the Wadi Rum

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