Lake Malawi/Nyasa, East Africa

Lake Malawi is also internationally known as Lake Niassa, Lake Nyasa and Lake Nyaza

Lake Malawi is six and a half times as long as it is wide: the long thin shape is typical of those in the East African Rift Valley. 

Lake Malawi is the third largest lake in Africa after Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika.

Lake Malawi National Park is recognised by UNESCO as being an outstanding example of biological evolution. 

Lake Malawi fills an enormous trough, also known as a graben, in the 6,000km long East African Rift System.

There are roughly 850 species of cichlid in Lake Malawi, all of which originated from a common ancestor thousands of years ago. 

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Lake Malawi at 9,000m - The lake's natural resources


Lake Malawi at ground level - the Lake's cichlids

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