The Ruvuma Basin

Approximately 2.4 million people live in the Ruvuma Basin, which straddles the borders of Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi.

The Ruvuma River Basin covers an area the size of Tunisia, though its population is comparable with that of Amsterdam making it one of the least densely populated regions in East Africa.

Niassa Game Reserve is twice the size of Kruger National Park in South Africa, and remains one of the few untouched wildernesses in Africa.

Niassa Game Reserve is home to the greatest concentration of wildlife in Mozambique, including the endangered African wild dog.

Tanzania and Mozambique are linked across the Ruvuma River by Unity Bridge, which marks the nations’ unity during the Mozambican War of Independence.

Mozambique gained independence from more than 400 years of Portuguese colonial rule in 1975, after a 13 year movement by the Front for Liberation of Mozambique, or FRELIMO.

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Flying at 13,000m - Life in the basin


Flying at 6,000m - Niassa Game Reserve


Flying at ground level - Unity Bridge

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