Pearl River Basin, China

The rivers of the Pearl River Basin are responsible for shaping the famous karst landscape of southern China, famously seen in the cities of Guilin and Liuzhou.

One of Liuzhou’s original names was Longcheng, meaning Dragon City, in a reference to the snaking shape of the Liu River resembling a dragon curling around the city.

The Pearl River Basin in southern China is the third largest river system in the country and drains an area the size of Sweden.

Liuzhou City is the industrial hub of the Pearl River Basin; 1.2 million tons of freight is transported by ship between Liuzhou and the Delta cities each year.

Some three million Yao people live in the Pearl River Basin, making up one of the largest ethnic minority groups in China.

Yao culture can be traced back 2,000 years and contains a rich and unique tradition of story-telling through song and festivals.
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Flying at 13,000m - Carving the landscape


Flying at 2,000m - Liuzhou, the industrial hub


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