Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku lies on the southern edge of the Abşeron Peninsula, a fiery landscape known for its mud volcanoes and constantly burning gas and oil seeps.

Azerbaijan means “Land of the Fire”. The country is home to the largest concentration of gas seeps in the world, most of them located near Baku.

Oil has been extracted near Baku since the 8th century but commercial exploitation of this valuable resource began in the 19th century.

At the turn of the 20th century, the Baku oil fields were the largest in the world and by 1915, almost half of the world’s oil supply came from Baku.

The Azeri government has committed to spending six billion dollars a year over 15 years to create 500 new buildings in the nation’s capital.

The Flame Towers in Baku is a group of three 80-story high skyscrapers designed to resemble flames and were inspired by the city’s famous fire temples.

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