Dnieper River, Ukraine

The Dnieper River is the fourth longest river in Europe stretching 2,285 kilometres long and has a drainage basin the size of Spain.

The Dnieper was first called Borysthenes by the ancient Greeks and Romans who used its lower reaches as an important transport route.

Until the river was dammed, a natural barrier known as the Dnieper Rapids prevented most ships from navigating the full length of the river.

The Dnieper Hydroelectric Station was built in the 1920s to harness the power of the Dnieper River; the dam created the Dnieper Reservoir behind it.

The city of Kherson is known as the “Cradle of the Black Sea Fleet” because it was a major shipbuilding centre for the Russian Empire in the 18th century.

Kherson's location means that the city has both a river and a sea port which enables it to be a major export and shipbuilding centre in southern Ukraine.

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