The Seri Buat Archipelago

“Pulau” in Malaysian translates to ‘island’, and prefixes most island names.

Around 18,000 years ago, the Seri Buat Archipelago was part of mainland Peninsular Malalysia.

The Seri Buat Archipelago is on the western edge of the ‘Coral Triangle’, offering spectacular marine habitats for divers and snorkelers.

Malaysian folklore suggests that Pulau Tioman is the body of a female Chinese dragon.

The Seri Buat Archipelago is made of 64 islands, the largest of which is Pulau Tioman.

The 1958 musical film South Pacific was filmed on Pulau Tioman, raising its global profile as a tropical holiday destination.  

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Flying at 5,000m - Tourism in the Seri Buat Archipelago

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