Seville, Spain

The Guadalquivir River is the fifth longest river in the Iberian Peninsula and drains an area almost twice the size of Belgium.

The Port of Seville handles around five million tonnes of goods each year making it the most important inland port in Spain.

Seville is more than 2,000 years old, which is reflected in the city’s patchwork of architecture.

Seville is the birthplace of Spanish bull fighting and is the location of the largest bull ring in Spain: La Real Maestranza.

Tapas, the variety of small appetiser dishes ranging from olives to marinated meats originated in Seville.

Seville holds one of the most extravagant Holy Week celebrations in the world, with more 60 processions taking place during the week.

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Flying at 13,000m - The Guadalquivir River


Flying at 1,000m - A 2,000 year-old city


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