The Narmada River

The Narmada River stretches 1,300km across three states making it the fifth largest river in India.

The Narmada Valley supports some of the densest dry deciduous forests in India, which are home to many large mammal species.

The Narmada River is one of the most sacred of the five holy rivers of India and is said to be the embodiment of purity.

Legends of the origins of the river say that it was formed from the sweat of Lord Shiva, or the tears of Lord Brahma.

The Narmada Valley Project proposes a series of dams along the Narmada River to provide irrigation and hydroelectricity for the region.

The Narmada River dams have the potential to provide water for 30 million people, though there are concerns over their environmental impacts.

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Flying at 13,000m - The river and its valley


Flying at 2,000m - The sacred river


Flying at ground level - Damming the river

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