The Riau Islands, Indonesia

The Riau Islands are more than 3,000 islands from large volcanic isles to small rocky reefs which lie clustered south of Singapore off the eastern coast of Sumatra.

The highest point in the Riau Islands is Mount Daik on Lingga Island known as the “Mount with Three Peaks” for its unusual summit which reaches 1,163m high.

It is said that the Malay language originated from the Riau Islands as seafarers adopted the local tongue to make themselves understood in the region.

In the late 1980s the Riau Islands became an important part of an economic initiative known as the Sijori Growth Triangle which boosted the region.

The largest and most developed islands are Bintan and Batam which developed quickly as oil and electronics manufacturing industries took off.

Tourism is a growing industry in the Riau Islands as visitors come here to enjoy duty-free shopping, cultural attractions and stunning tropical beaches.

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