The MacDonnell Ranges

The Ghan is named after the Afghan camel trains that were the first pioneers into the Australian outback.

Gosses Bluff crater stretches five kilometres across and is thought to have been the result of a meteor impact 142 million years ago.

The Arrernte people believe the crater was formed by a baby in a basket falling from the sky.

The MacDonnell Ranges are unique in Australia as they are the only range to run east to west rather than north to south.

Erosion and weathering have shaped the ridges of the MacDonnell Ranges – they were once the size of the Canadian Rockies.

The Ghan train follows the line of the Overland Telegraph Line stretching between Adelaide and Darwin.

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Flying at 13,000m - 'The centre of Australia'


Flying at 5,000m - Central point for pioneers


Flying at ground level - Celestial crater

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